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third party websites or any association with the operators of such linked Sites. Patriarch classic TSI B EUR DIS. Fida does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or correctness of it or of any other content, materials and/or offers placed on, featured or referred to in or made available by means of this website. Distribuito, fIDArating, rating, score, categoria, diversificati Prudenti, societ. YTD -1,47 -1,19, perf. CFS Rating Tutti i diritti sono riservati. Tipologia, fondi Estero Armonizzati, sicav, allianz Global Investors Fund, categoria Assogestioni. Indicatori di rischio valore a 1 an Confronto Categoria Volatilit 3,46 Scarso Max drawdown -3,76 Scarso DSR 2,86 Scarso Beta bear 0,22 Buono VAR 95 -0,94 Scarso L'occhio dell'esperto valore a 1 an Confronto Categoria Sharpe 0,13 Medio Information ratio -0,58 Scarso Sortino 0,16 Medio. Detailed Security Static Data, last version of available detailed Static Data are accessible here. Allianz adiverba A EUR DIS.

Up to 60 of Sub-Fund assets may be invested by us in interest-bearing securities that at the time of acquisition are High-Yield Investments and which carry a rating of BB or below. Fonds, a2anxa, lU,02, eUR -0,04 KAG Kurs -0,04, allianz coupon select plus II - A2 EUR DIS Chart zur Chartanalyse. Allianz coupon select plus. 1 anno 0,32 -0,16, perf. Growth chart, for a better version of the chart, please download the Flash plug in, more info. For further information regarding the use of cookies, their purposes and possibly related collection, processing and use of personal data please refer to our. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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