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new Gillette Fusion ProGlide for the first time. If you have an old Gillette Fusion shaver (Fusion Power or Fusion Manual there is no (or little) need to buy the entire package. We're talking fractions here. The new ProGlide cartridges will easily fit on your existing Gillette Fusion shaver. Building on the Fusion technology, the ProGlide is a five blade shaver with an additional blade on the back for trimming. But it's not a visible difference of course. Gillette states that the leading blades are thinner compared to the old Fusion blades. Instead, I took this test a step further.

As my wife returned from work, I asked her to compare the two sides, and tell me which side had the closest shave. Read on to see how my face is feeling right now! It took her less than 10 seconds to pronounce the Fusion ProGlide the winner! The leading blades have been made thinner, and the lubricating strip above the blades is significantly larger to improve the glide across your face.

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There is no significant drag on my skin, and the blades glides easily across all parts of my face. Read our first impressions! Fusion Proglide cartridges almost anywhere in the World. And more importantly; Can my wife really feel the difference on my face between a classic Fusion shave and a Fusion ProGlide shave? The verdict, i can keep talking about technology, design and fancy marketing words But in the end, it all comes down to one thing.

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